Kam Kee Cafe

The history of Kam Kee Café can be tracked back to half a century ago. It was grown out of a food stall in Shau Kei Wan. In 1967, Mr. Chan Kwai Chau, the founder of Kam Kee Café opened the Café at Shu Kei Wan Road. The traditional decorations are still in use. The fact that Café is a predecessor of Cha Chaan Teng. The licenses issued by the government in the early years were also different and Café can only provide 17 Western-style foods. Since the rental cost increased and licenses reform, the government merged two licenses into the current restaurant licenses. Kam Kee Cafe is a classic Hong Kong style restaurant that serves very local food. The menu here is very extensive, serving a range of dishes from baked pork with rice to Frech toast, and milk tea to Red Bean Drink.





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